UHN Instrument Set


Cat. No. IS.059UHN Instrument SetUnits
720.001Proximal  Zig1
720.003Kirschner Wire with Trocar Tip 2.5mm Dia., 300mm Length2
720.004Projectile Reamer1
720.005Awl with T – Handle, Cannulated1
720.009Protection Sleeve 11.0 / 8.0mm Dia.2
720.010Drill Sleeve 8.0/2.7mm Dia.2
720.011Trocar 8.0mm Dia. (For UHN Nail)2
720.013Compression Device for UHN1
720.014Compression Connection Screw1
720.015Coupling Block for UHN Extraction1
720.017Hex Nut for Connecting Screw for UHN1
720.018Guide Wire 1.8mm Dia, 650mm Length1
720.020Distal Locking Device(L-Shape)1
720.023Connecting Screw for UHN Cannulated – Stainless Steel1
721.005Spanner Stainless Steel – 17mm1
713.005Cannulated Hammer Guide For UHN Coincal Bolt1
713.008Detachable Slide Hammer 400 gms.1
XP.712.260Flexible Reamer Shaft Fixed Head 6.0mm Dia.-S.S. 17-4-PH1
XP.712.265Flexible Reamer Shaft Fixed Head 6.5mm Dia.-S.S. 17-4-PH1
XP.712.270Flexible Reamer Shaft Fixed Head 7.0mm Dia.-S.S. 17-4-PH1
XP.712.275Flexible Reamer Shaft Fixed Head 7.5mm Dia.-S.S. 17-4-PH1
306.010Quick Coupling Handle T-Type1
303.030UHN Depth Gauge1
301.051Extra Long Screw Driver 3.5mm Tip1
260.275Drill Bit – S.S. – Quick Coupling End Dia. 2.7mm X 200mm Long1
210.033Spanner – 11mm1
400.080Graphic Aluminum Box For UHN Instruments Set With Two Tray and One 3.4mm Bolt Tray  Fixed1