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Orthopedic implants manufacturer – Siora Surgicals Private Limited

We are the one of the oldest orthopedic implants manufacturer, suppliers and exporters of supreme quality. In today’s day and age, surgical treatments are touching new heights of innovation. But, at the same time they have become expensive. Therefore as a Company, it’s our responsibility to deliver solutions, that are up to the mark for the surgeons or patients and also cost effective.

We started “Siora Surgicals Pvt. Ltd.” with a vision and we continue to keep building on it. We have been delivering international quality products, which are affordable – VALUE FOR MONEY. Our orthopedic implants products are manufactured ensuring highest safety levels without any room for compromise. This very vision has catapulted a humble beginning in 1987 to such great heights. We are progressively establishing “SIORA” as a name to reckon with in the medical fraternity.
Siora Surgicals Pvt. Ltd. plays a vital role when it comes to human body. It’s because it interacts with the most pivotal structure of the human body, the BONES, which stand for strength and help the body move freely.

orthopedic implants manufacturer
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How we emerge as a leading orthopedic implants manufacturer?

As a quality orthopedic implants manufacturer,

we undergo deep research to create quality Orthopedic Implants in a wide range of designs and materials.. We offer generic orthopedic implants used in surgical fixation, correction and regeneration of human skeleton and its soft tissues, which are affordable. And over the years, we have won the trust of healthcare professionals and patients across the world.

A wide range of our implants and instruments ensures that people get almost everything required under one roof. The ever increasing range developed over the last 25 years has a proven track record. You will find Implants in a variety of materials Stainless Steel 316L, SS316LVM, Titanium Alloy, Cobalt Chromium Steel etc. instruments in SS410/420, SS304, Aluminum and Carbon Fiber. This makes us one of the most trusted orthopedic implants manufacturer.

Siora Surgicals has established separate division to cater to OEM business, which services some of the established global brands. We have approval  from Indian FDA authorities facilitating contract manufacturing for OEM brands with their labeling, maintaining strict confidentiality. Apart from OEM supplies to developed countries like UK, Germany, France, we are keen to expand OEM business across all continents and are open to produce goods under buyer’s label.

Our manufacturing facility is located at Rai, Haryana , India – approximately 35 km from Delhi. The facility is manned by a team of technicians, engineers and group of skilled workers. It is equipped with CNC Machines for high production rates and consistent quality. We have manufacturing facility complied with WHO GMP norms. The unit is also equipped with ultra modern mechanized surface finishing machines to get the desired finished product.

orthopedic implants manufacturer of high quality
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