Instruments Set 4.0 MM Cannulated Cancellous Screws



Cat No. IS.022DescriptionUnits
704.005Threaded Guide Wire 1.25 MM, 150 MM10
704.008Cannulated Counter Sink Q. C. Dia. 6.0 MM1
704.009Cannulated Tap 4.0 MM Q. C.1
704.010Double Drill Sleeve 2.7/1.25 MM1
704.011Drill Guide with Stop 3.5 MM/2.7 MM with Two Inserts1
704.012Cannulated Hexagonal Screw Driver – 2.5 MM Tip1
704.013Direct Measuring Device S.S.1
704.014Stylet 1.25 MM1
704.015Holding Clip1
704.016Cannulated Quick Coupling Tap Handle with Fibre Handle1
704.026Cannulated Drill Bit 2.7 MM / 1.35 MM, Length 130 MM Q. C. End1
704.027Cannulated Drill Bit 3.5 MM / 1.35 MM, Length 130 MM Q. C. End1
307.060Drill & Tap Sleeve Combined – 2.5/3.5 MM1
400.088 Instrument Box With Two Trays Length 300 MM1