Instrument Set for Adroit Multifix Tibia Nail


Cat. No. IS.105Product NameUnits
723.207Adjustable C – Type Jig for Adroit Multifix Tibia Nail1
723.202Conical Bolt For ADROIT Multifix Tibia Nail1
723.203Protection Sleeve1
723.204Drill Sleeve For 4.0 MM Drill Bit1
723.205Drill Sleeve For 3.2 MM Drill Bit1
723.206Trocar Pointer (For Adroit Multifix Tibia Nail)1
714.068Suping Driver1
714.067Socket Wrench 10 MM1
723.101Extractor Rod1
723.102Handle for Extractor1
723.103Hammer for Extractor Rod1
261.637Drill Bit-Plain Shank Dia 3.2 MM X 250 MM Length1
261.640Drill Bit – Plain Shank Dia. 4.0 MM X 250 MM Length1
384.010Diamond Pointed Bone  Awl1
714.073Tomy Bar1
710.002Tissue Protector1
710.005Plastic Medullary Tube1
301.051Extra Long Screw Driver 3.5 MM Tip1
723.039Reaming Rod Plain 2.5 MM X 850 MM Length1
723.040Reaming Rod with Stopper 2.5 MM X 850 MM Length1
400.085Graphic Aluminum Instrument Box For ADROIT Multifix Tibia Nail With Three Trays1
303.050Depth Gauge with 130 MM Long Sleeve for ADROIT Multifix Tibia Nail Set1