TFN / PFN Instruments Set


Cat No. IS.063TFN / PFN Instruments SetUnits
714.090TFN / PFN Jig Proximal & Distal Locking – 130⁰1
714.092TFN / PFN Jig Proximal & Distal Locking – 135⁰1
714.055Conical Bolt1
714.056Protection Sleeve 12mm / 8mm1
714.057Protection Sleeve 8 Mm / 6.4mm1
714.058Drill Sleeve 4.0mm for Distal Hole1
714.059PFN/TFN Guide Wire Sleeve 2.5mm (for 8.0mm Bolt)1
714.060PFN/TFN Guide Wire Sleeve 2.0mm (for 6.4mm Bolt)1
714.061Cannulated Proximal Reamer 15mm1
714.062Protection Sleeve for Cannulated Proximal Reamer1
714.063Reamer for 8.0mm PFN/TFN Bolt1
714.064Reamer for 6.4mm PFN/TFN Bolt1
714.065PFN/TFN Tap 8.0mm Dia1
714.066PFN/TFN Tap 6.4mm Dia1
714.067Socket Wrench 10mm1
714.068Suping Driver1
723.101Extractor Rod1
723.102Handle for Extractor1
723.103Hammer for Extractor Rod1
714.072T – Handle Q.c. For 6.4mm & 8.0mm Taps1
714.073Tomy Bar1
261.640Drill Bit Plain Shank 4.0mm Dia X 250mm Long1
384.010Diamond Pointed Awl1
710.003Reaming Rod 3.0mm Plain for I.L Nails1
710.004Reaming Rod 3.0mm With Stopper for I.L. nails1
710.005Plastic Medullary Tube1
714.011Threaded Guide Wire 2.0mm X 450mm1
714.012Threaded Guide Wire Dia. 2.5mm, Length 450mm1
714.018Direct Measuring Device S.S. Length 450mm1
714.022Hexagonal Screw Driver Cannulated for 6.4mm & 9.0mm Bolts1
714.074Trocar With T-handle 12″ Long for 6.4 Mm Sleeve1
714.075Trocar With T-handle 12″ Long for 8.0 Mm Sleeve1
714.076Graphic Measuring Scale1
301.051Extra Long Screw Driver 3.5 Mm Tip1
303.070Depth Gauge With 150 Mm Long Sleeve1
400.078Graphic Box for Pfn / Tfn Set With 4 Trays1