PFNA – II Instrument Set


Cat No. IS.107PFNA – II Instrument SetUnits
714.602PFNA Jig – 130 Degree1
714.604Attachment for PFNA Blade1
714.606Distal Hole Attachment1
714.608Locking Bolt for Attachment1
714.610Extractor for PFNA Blade1
714.612Exreactor for PFNA Nail1
714.6148.0 MM Ball Hex Screw Driver With T Handle1
714.616Key for PFNA Blade1
714.620Threaded Protection Sleeve for PFNA  10.0 MM Reamer & PFNA Blade1
714.622Conical Bolt for PFNA1
714.624Guide Wire Sleeve for 2.5 MM X 850 MM Long  Wire1
714.626Threaded Screwdriver for PFNA Blade1
714.628Threaded Guide Wire 3.0 MM X 428 MM Long2
714.630Protection Sleeve for Proximal  Entry Reamer1
714.634Hammer  Guide1
714.636Impacting Device for Hammer1
714.638Cannulated T-Handle For Medullary Canal1
714.560Proximal Entry Reamer 16.0 MM for PFNA1
723.021Cannulated Awl for Femur I.l. Nails1
714.570PFNA  Reamer 10.0 MM – Length 380 MM1
714.575Guide Wire Sleeve for PFNA  Blade Dia – 3.0 MM1
714.072T-handle Quick Coupling1
303.070Depth Gauge With 150 MM Long Sleeve1
713.008Detachable Slide Ha MMer 400 Gms.1
368.010Bone Hammer 200gms1
714.520Trocar With T-Handle 11.0 MM Dia1
714.535Protection Sleeve for 4.9 MM Locking Bolt1
710.005Plastic Medullary Tube1
261.641Drill Bit Plain Shank 4.0 MM X 300 MM Long1
714.540Drill Sleeve for 4.0  MM Drill Bit1
714.545Depth Gauge for PFNA1
301.051Extra Long Screw Driver 3.5 MM Tip1
723.039Reaming Rod Plain 2.5 MM X 850 MM Length1
400.092Graphic Aluminum Box With Three Tray for PFNA Instruments Sets1