Locking Periarticular Proximal Humerus Plate 3.5 / 4.0mm

The periarticular proximal humerus plates feature locking screw technology combined with conventional plating techniques.

The plate feature combi holes that allow fixation with either locking screws in the threaded section for angular stability or cortex screw in the dynamic compression unit section for compression.

A fixed-angle construct provides advantages in the osteopenic bone where screw does not rely on a bone to plate compression to resist patient load, but function similarly to multiple, small angled blade plates.


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Cat No.
Stainless Steel
Cat No.
869.003 3 Ti.869.003
869.005 5 Ti.869.005
869.007 7 Ti.869.007
869.009 9 Ti.869.009
Stainless Steel Right Titanium
869.103 3 Ti.869.103
869.105 5 Ti.869.105
869.107 7 Ti.869.107
869.109 9 Ti.869.109