Locking T – Plate Right Angled 3.5 MM

This plate is used on the volar aspect of the distal radius. The plate is slightly concave, and the head portion bent to accommodate the volar surface of the distal radius. The shaft is fixed with 3.5 mm locking head screw and 3.5 mm cortical screw and the head with 4.0 mm locking cancellous screws.

The plate may be used in certain fractures of the olecranon, the ankle, and the metatarsals.




Cat No. (Stainless Steel)HolesCat No. (Titanium)
141.3033 HolesTi.141.303
141.3044 HolesTi.141.304
141.3055 HolesTi.141.305
141.3066 HolesTi.141.306
141.3077 HolesTi.141.307
141.3088 HolesTi.141.308
141.3099 HolesTi.141.309