Locking T Plate Oblique Angled 3.5 MM

This plate is used for the dorsal aspect of the distal radius. It is 120-degree angled head conforms to the anatomical angle of the bone and fits both the left and the right radius equally well.


Cat No. (Stainless Steel)Holes (Right)Cat No. (Titanium)
142.2033 HolesTi.142.203
142.2044 HolesTi.142.204
142.2055 HolesTi.142.205
142.2066 HolesTi.142.206
142.2077 HolesTi.142.207
142.2088 HolesTi.142.208
142.2099 HolesTi.142.209
Cat No. (Stainless Steel)Holes (Left)Cat No. (Titanium)
142.2533 HolesTi.142.253
142.2544 HolesTi.142.254
142.2555 HolesTi.142.255
142.2566 HolesTi.142.256
142.2577 HolesTi.142.257
142.2588 HolesTi.142.258
142.2599 HolesTi.142.259