Locking Small Fragment Instrument Set With Graphic Box




Cat No. IS.102Instrument Set Graphic BoxUnits
185.127Kirschner Wire with Trocar Tip Dia. 1.2mm, Length 150mm3
185.146Kirschner Wire with Trocar Tip Dia. 1.6mm, Length 150mm3
260.210Drill Bit – S.S. – Quick Coupling End Dia. 2.0mm X 140mm Long1
260.250Drill Bit – S.S. – Quick Coupling End Dia. 2.5mm X 115mm Long1
260.281Drill Bit – S.S. Quick Coupling End Dia. 2.8mm x 180mm Long – Calibrated1
264.025Bone Tap – Quick Coupling End Dia. 3.5mm,  Thread   Length 50mm, Total Length 110mm1
301.025Hexagonal Screw Driver with Self Holding Sleeve 2.5mm Tip1
301.060Screw Driver Shaft, Q.C. End 2.5mm Tip1
303.010Small Depth Gauge1
306.010Quick Coupling Handle T-Type1
307.060Drill & Tap Sleeve Combined – 2.5/3.5mm1
340.020Self Centering Bone Holding Forceps 190mm2
341.030Reduction forceps – Serrated Speed Lock – 170mm1
342.020Reduction Forceps – Pointed Ratchet Lock – 170mm1
379.015Hohmann Retractor 8mm Wide, Short Narrow Point, 160mm Length1
382.006Periosteal Elevator – Curved 6mm1
382.010Periosteal Elevator – Curved 10mm1
803.120LCP Bending Iron for Re-Construction Plate (Use in Pairs) for 3.5 & 4.5 LCP Plate1
804.105LCP Universal Drill Guide 3.5mm1
804.110LCP Drill Sleeve 3.5mm for Drill Bit 2.8mm2
804.115LCP Centering Sleeve for K. Wire 1.6mm1
804.120LCP Drill Sleeve 2.7mm for 2.0mm Drill Bit2
804.155Centering Sleeve for K.Wire 1.25mm1
804.160Torque Limiting Screw Driver – 2.5mm Tip (For 3.5mm Locking Screws)1
804.161Torque Limiting Screw Driver – 2.0mm Tip (For 2.7mm Locking Screws)1
304.010Small Drill Guide1
400.076Graphic Box for Small Fragment Locking System1