One Third Locking Plate 3.5 MM

This plate has the form of one-third of the circumference of a cylinder. This plate has low rigidity because have only 1.0 mm thickness. The plate is used mainly for the fixation of fractures in the lateral malleolus, the distal ulna, the olecranon, and the metatarsals.

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Cat No. (Stainless Steel) Holes Cat No. (Titanium)
138.204 4 Holes Ti.138.204
138.205 5 Holes Ti.138.205
138.206 6 Holes Ti.138.206
138.207 7 Holes Ti.138.207
138.208 8 Holes Ti.138.208
138.209 9Holes Ti.138.209
138.210 10 Holes Ti.138.210
138.211 11 Holes Ti.138.211
138.212 12 Holes Ti.138.212