Instruments Set for Tibia/Femur Interlocking Nail


Cat No. IS.056Instruments Set for Tibia/Femur Interlocking NailUnits
723.002Proximal Zig for Tibia1
723.004Proximal Zig for Femur1
723.007Cannulated Conical Bolt for Tibia-S.S.1
723.008Cannulated Conical Bolt for Femur S. S.1
723.010Extractor Set Containing Two Items (Ram & Rod)1
723.012Driving Head1
723.016Protection Sleeve 10.0/8.0mm Dia2
723.018Drill Sleeve 8.0/4.5mm Dia1
723.020Trocar 8.0 mm Dia for Delta Tibia/ Femur Nail2
710.002Tissue Protector1
723.039Reaming Rod Plain 2.5mm X 850mm Length1
723.040Reaming Rod with Stopper 2.5mm X 850mm Length1
721.005Spanner Stainless Steel – 17mm1
710.005Plastic Medullary Tube1
260.502Drill Bit Quick Coupling – S.S Dia. 4.5mm X 4.0mm X 310mm Length1
301.051Extra Long Screw Driver 3.5mm Tip1
384.010Diamond Pointed Bone  Awl1
303.060Depth Gauge With 175MM Long Sleeve For Tibia/Femur Set1
400.056Graphic Box for Delta I.L Set (Tibia & Femur)1