Instruments Set for Bipolar Prosthesis

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386.040Moore Hollow Chisel1
386.062Measuring Gauge for Prosthesis Set of Ten (37mm to 55mm)1
386.070Impactor – Nylon Faced1
904.100Rasp with Tomy Bar for Bipolar Prosthesis – Narrow Stem1
904.101Rasp with Tomy Bar for Bipolar Prosthesis – Standard Stem1
904.105Pencil Reamer – For Bipolar Prosthesis1
904.106Tapered Reamer – For Bipolar Prosthesis1
904.107Slotted Reamer – For Bipolar Prosthesis1
904.119Trial Cup – For Dia. 37mm1
904.120Trial Cup – For Dia. 39mm1
904.121Trial Cup – For Dia. 41mm1
904.122Trial Cup – For Dia. 43mm1
904.123Trial Cup – For Dia. 45mm1
904.124Trial Cup – For Dia. 47mm1
904.125Trial Cup – For Dia. 49mm1
904.126Trial Cup – For Dia. 51mm1
904.127Trial Cup – For Dia. 53mm1
904.134Holder / Pusher For Trial Cup1
904.133Impactor – Extractor for Bipolar Prosthesis1
904.110Bipolar Trial Stem – S.S. Standard Stem1
904.111Bipolar Trial Stem – S.S. Narrow Stem1
713.008Detachable Slide Hammer 400 gms.1
400.084Graphic Aluminum Box For Bipolar Instrument Set With Two Trays1