Instrument Set for Supra Condylar Locking Nails


Cat. No. IS.041Instrument Set for Supracondylar Locking NailsUnits
721.001Proximal & Distal Locking Device1
721.005Spanner Stainless Steel – 17mm1
721.006Cannulated Extractor Set1
721.007Conical Bolt1
721.009Protection Sleeve 11.0 /8.0mm Dia.2
721.010Drill Sleeve 8.0 /4.5mm Dia.1
721.011Drill Sleeve 8.0 /3.2mm Dia.1
721.012Trocar 8.0mm Dia. (For IMSC Nail)2
721.013T – Wrench – 17mm1
710.003Reaming Rod 3.0mm Plain for I.L Nails Length 850mm1
710.004Reaming Rod 3.0mm with Stopper for I.L. Nails Length 850mm1
384.010Diamond Pointed Bone  Awl1
301.051Extra Long Screw Driver 3.5mm Tip1
260.502Drill Bit – S.S. – Quick Coupling End Dia. 4.5mm X 4.0mm X310mm Length1
303.040Large Depth Gauge for I.L. Bolts – Extra Long1
400.015Instrument Box with Two Trays – Length 450mm1